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Global Personals is an online dating company founded and headquartered in Windsor, UK. Part of the Venntro Media Group, Ross Williams, a UK businessman, started the company in 2003 and it has since grown to have three additional offices located in London, New York, and Melbourne. Global Personals employs more than 150 people around the world and possesses a combined portfolio of more than 12,000


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Venntro Media Group full-time for less than a year Cons: No idea how a company should work. Felt like a youth club."

Former Employee - QA Engineer says

"I worked at Venntro Media Group full-time for more than a year Cons: Poor career advancement - The top management are extremely reluctant to promote staff. Too many knee jerk decisions from management A lot of people left and were not replaced, yet workload increased Too many changes in direction, with rules/processes. Motives behind projects are hidden from the staff, CEO had the mentality of "I'm the boss, just do as I say" No trust No morales from the business, no care about their customers at all. Just to scam as much money as possible out of them."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Venntro Media Group full-time Cons: the customers outlook for business working weekends"

Former Employee - Weqw says

"I worked at Venntro Media Group full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Lack of structure for progression."

Culture Wars II: onionweed says

"They are a scummy fraudulent company. And they need to be investigated with INTERPOL. I have an unauthorised transaction on my account with these people. The best thing you can do if this happens to you is to contact your bank immediately and either ask for a chargeback or let them know that it's an unauthorised transatction and that the card has been compromised and they'll issue you with a new card (and probably refund you as well)."

Nick says

"Charged me without permission although I did not renew my services. I did notice them through website on expiry date. For this illegal charge I emailed to customers service, no personal answer. The site programming also make people feel difficult to cancel the subscription and close the account . Venntro called itself as one of top dating websites? Shame on you! I wish I would rate Venntro negative 5."

Kate says

"They should be utterly ashamed. Still Venntro Media will not deal with a fraudulent account set up on my 79 year old friend's card. They've said that a)they've cancelled the service so now are 'no longer able to deal with you' b)Despite the service being cancelled, they will simply tell the bank it's not a fraudulent account so will continue taking money. Yes, those two statements contradict each other. So effectively: 1.'We don't care that you're a poor pensioner with serious health issues - we'll continue taking money from you, even though the account is cancelled'. 2.'Because the account is cancelled, we won't deal with you anymore, even though we owe you hundreds of pounds'. 2.'Despite the fact we've been fraudulently taking money from you for two years we think we're above the law and will continue, we only have to tell your bank we don't think this is a fraud. Easy eh? We can help ourselves to your pension money.'"

Naomi R says

"Fraudulent. I didn't even sign up for this service and they started taking money from my partner and I's joint account. Stay away. Edit: For context, my partner was sleeping while the payment went through. His phone was charging down here so there's no way it could have come from him legitimately. He's also atheist and 25. In conclusion there is no way, morally, literally or in any other way that he couldnt have signed up for this. I will say that they were very nice in reimbursing us, and the payment was returned within 2 hours."

Bea says

"Dodgy and a half. If you enjoy having money taken from your account, and then going on a merry go round trying to cancel your subscription where you try to unsubscribe numerous times with no effect, and in which you are only vaguely convinced you signed up for in the first instance, and then, phoning up Venntro, only to find no identifiable signs of life at the other end having waited for ages to the point of frustration, these guys are for you! You are asked if you want to cancel 8 times, and then you receive a link in your email, and then have to go to your email to confirm cancellation. Come of it! Is this service not able to generate authentic custom, is that why these shenanigans are occurring? I'm pretty disgusted by the experience. I seldom review, but wanted to save others the grief of dealing with this nonsense."

Monica Latanya says

"Oh God, if you have ever been on the receiving end of Venntro Media scam business then i feel for you, they send you around in circles trying to trip you up, all I wanted was to cancel my subscription, but they don't understand English, they DON'T understand 'cancel' in fact what they do is 'ignore' it and think that you want to carry on with the subscription. So it makes me ask 'which bit of 'cancel' don't they understand! I will endeavour to get my hard earned 'Venntro Media subscription' money back via my bank, because Venntro, truly are a bunch of"

lynda sutton says

"When I first became aware of Venntro Media group I assumed that it had something to do with the TV sites I was using during the lock down.But when I began to look at my Bank account details I realised that they were taking small amounts of money each month then a larger amount every three months so I checked the site and read the comments there realising that my subscription to dating sites had left me wide open to this sort of scam in all I have lost £189.70 over the course of 10 months. My bank is now working to recover this money for me."

TonyandChris Somervell says

"I echo others' poor experience with these dating sites although I do believe there may be a small percentage of genuine people seeking genuine friendship. My experience with Venntros's "Senior Christian Dating" repeats their apparent Shameful Schemes to mix all their 'members' data across their sites to ensure maximum 'members' interaction. So how can an 18 year old atheist be a Senior Christian? That's the $64,000 question 🤔 There are 18, 20, 22, 31 year old women joining the Seniors every day, eh? I enquired how they could be and got 4 pat responses saying they have several memberships and 'cross-fertilize' members (not their words!) Hmmmmm. They hook you in, and require payment to get 'better benefits'. Fair enough, but it's expensive imho. However, I did get refund because I complained during 14 day 'onboarding' period (forgotten correct term) My 'best' date turned out to be a scammer, asking for £50 mobile top up despite saying she was financially independent! I researched the photos she sent me via image check facial identity sites (highly recommended for ID / "catfishing" check) and the photos were of a famous actress (!) Once challenged, the member became rude and abusive accusing me of ruining their reputation... Hmmm Once bitten, twice shy... You live and learn... Big money in these dating sites... Due diligence, proceed with Caution! Venntro: I suggest you don't 'mix and match' your multiple members - instead, keep your categories clear and show some integrity, e.g. not allowing 18 year old atheists (no offence, good to declare what you believe) to join a Senior Christians Dating Site! It's totally incoherent imho. Also, as other reviewer wrote, deleting account button is NOT currently available on the site - I did it via 'reply' message to support. P. S. My ID from previous Facebook joint profile, not edited to just Tony, divorced since 2019... Now I have to do a trustpilot for Facebook who clearly haven't changed my ID name from TonyandChris to just Tony 😱😱😱"

Carl Asiedu says

"They corporate thieves. They send spam messages and then rip you off your account monies under the terms of reference. They are 'robbers'"

Ray says

""FISH FOR SINGLES - DATING SITE!" SCAM - SCAM - SCAM 1) Before payment, I had at least 20 women profiles who liked my profile and waiting for me to respond - After payment, I wrote to at least 10/20 without ANY reply; 2) You think, once you pay £24.95 (initial subscription fee) You would get full access - NO! You are charged further for ADD-ON(s); 3) At least 5/20 of the women profiles were very very attractive however, when clicking on their profile picture to gain more information suspiciously a RED NOTE would be displayed saying "they have left Fish for Singles (FfS) and been deactivated"; 4) Profile Pictures - were sent to me randomly and sometimes within a space of a couple of minutes however, once again, when clicking on their profiles, just a few seconds later after receiving them, ALL were mysteriously, deactivated; 5) When CANCELLING SUBSCRIPTION there are eight (8) stages before being allowed to leave their site. And annoyingly between each stage they were prompting me to stay; 6) During CANCELLATION - First Question (1/8) - They gave FIVE REASONS for leaving - One of their fixed choices were "Suspicious Member Profiles!" For them to highlight this as ONE of the MAIN reasons people are leaving...? Suggests there to be lots of Negative, Customer Feedback (DATA); 7) Approximately, half way (18 days) through one month's paid subscription, I have noticed another pattern occurring - ALL female profiles who seemed to have taken an interest with my profile has NOT left a single (not one!) Personal Message. And, when responding with my own genuine interest (?) NOT ONE has ever replied.... It is obvious to me that ALL these women profiles are FAKE! I am therefore convinced that this service to be fraudulent!"

stu says

"They are a poor company who are still not clear that you are joining thousands of other dating sites. Plus they have no robust policy for stopping fake profiles by blocking ip addresses. Essentially if you complain they do not wish to know. It is a waste of money."

Miss Lisa McGlennon says

"Awful company, fraudulently takes money. Some weeks ago I cancelled Trustpilot my subscription and removed my profile on the dating site I signed up with believing this would be the end of it. I then woke up 2 days ago to find that £80 had been charged to me via my mobile phone. I contacted support who finally said I hadn’t cancelled with them so they wouldn’t be refunding the payment!!! I didn’t even know how to cancel with them since I joined via a dating website!! This is daylight robbery and this company should be avoided!!"

cork kink says

"This group of dating sites share your profile between them. For example, if you do get chatting to someone, they probably came from a completely different websit than you signed up for. Also, they send out automatically generated messages, pretending to be from you. I received so many complaints from people that I never wrote to; but Venntro did on my behalf."

Phil B says

"Venntro, or White Label Dating, were at 1 time the leader in their field, offering a competitive partner program and unrivalled member support, even offering a freephone support telephone number for each of the 7 English speaking territories it serviced. Despite early teething problem with accusations of fake profiles on their platform, all in all; they had a pretty solid product to be proud of. The platform these days is a shadow of it's former self. Following a shake up involving a slash & burn approach to it's partner accounts at around the end of Q1 2018, the platform attempted to re-invent itself in 2019, inviting previously slashed partner sites back to it's platform with flimsy temporary offers of 100% revenue shares in what some might say an attempt to show growth once more and attract investment. During the slash, burn and resow it appears Venntro also shed most of it's experienced and market knowledgeable staff, leaving behind a possibly clumsy and inexperienced team makin gpoor decisions about the running of the platform. It's easier than ever to spot a Venntro partner dating website these day, with their imposed identical registration forms. There also seems to be no sign of a single Venntro partner smartphone app in any app store... in 2019. How the mighty have fallen."